Dental Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing put simply is creating and providing content to potential patients that will answer commonly asked questions, provide useful or interesting information, or encourage them to take specific actions. Content marketing is different than normal writing in that it is developed intentionally using specific keywords or questions that will appear in online search results or be easily shared on social media. Content itself carries different voices from authoritative, playful, casual, or inspiration. Content marketing in itself is a skill that combines a deep understanding of both SEO best practices and the psychology of various audiences.

Why is Content Marketing Important for Dentists? 

Content creation alone does not drive traffic to websites or engage potential new patients to take initiative to reach out to your practice. While emerging technology such as AI writing can create informative factually driven content, content marketing goes a step beyond by ensuring that the content itself is tailored towards search engine result performance to give visibility to your practice across many different possible search queries. In addition to this, content marketing is developed to also be organic and engaging.

Great content marketing leads to engagement wherein readers will share your content, refer back to it as a valuable source of information, and entice readers to come back in the future. Content marketing therefore allows prospective patients to discover you, understand you and your practice, engage them well enough to develop trust and interest, and encourage them to take action by making contact with a member of your team. If you have an expert content marketer tailoring your web content, these individuals will later seek out additional information beyond preventative and emergency services following their initial visit and can create patients that will stick with you for a lifetime!

The Minty Dental Marketing Approach to Content Marketing

We do things a bit differently than other dental marketing agencies by personalizing our content marketing suggestions based on a few factors such as your target market's population, the saturation of the market (how many dentists are in your area), how many cities or zip codes you are aiming to establish a presence in, and of course your specialty services if any. Typically, we develop content in the form of blog content that is easily shareable and easy to consume in a short amount of time or by adding additional pages to your website to help user navigation and internal link building. However, when appropriate we can also create dental eBooks and Infographics that can be used to generate backlinks from other reputable sources to your website and in turn boost your online search rankings.

What is the Cost of Dental Content Marketing? 

So you now understand the importance of dental content marketingand its potential benefits for your practice. Now, the number one question on your mind is how much would this cost?

Minty Dental Marketing can provide high quality and affordable SEO services for your practice! Our dental SEO services start for as little as $149 a month! To outrank your competition and earn coveted spots at the top of search results, we provide content marketing services for as little as $149 per piece of content every month. 

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to grow your practice, increase your new patient numbers, and maximize your schedule then contact Minty Dental Marketing and see how our dental SEO experts can help you achieve your goals!

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