Marketing Services for Dental Professionals

Minty Dental Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping dentists, orthodontists, and other dental specialists achieve their growth goals for their practice. See how our strategies can take your practice to the next level!

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Book More Appointments with New Patient Generation

Whether you are a new dentist looking to fill your schedule or an established practice wanting to grow your business, Minty Dental Marketing's strategic digital marketing solutions can help you achieve your growth goals! See how our new patient generation tactics can take your dental practice to the next level!

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Orthodontists

We don't just stick to prophy's and fillings! We understand the unique needs of an orthodontic practice and have developed tailored marketing solutions to help you get more ortho cases started! Whether you are an orthodontist looking to grow their business or a general practice wanting to fill their ortho schedule, Minty Dental Marketing can help you transform more smiles!

Marketing Solutions for Dental Specialists

Our digital marketing strategies are robust and tailored for your practice's unique needs. If you are a periodontist, oral surgeon, endodontist, or prosthodontist looking for a specialized marketing agency, Minty Dental Marketing is one of the few specialists that can help you achieve your growth goals!

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Growing Your Brand with Multi-Practice Marketing

You established yourself as a trusted dental professional in your community and now you need to build up your brand in a new location. Minty Dental Marketing can help you get your new location off to a strong start while maintaining your brand's reputation as you scale. See how our scalable marketing solutions can help your group practice or DSO speed up your new location's growth!