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Attract More Patients & Elevate Your Dental Practice with Personalized Digital Marketing Strategies.

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Strategies for Dental Practice Growth

Whether you're looking to build a patient base or maximize your schedule, our dental marketing agency provides tailored strategies to achieve your growth goals.

Generate More Appointments with SEO & Google Ads

Whether you are a new or established dental practice, digital marketing can help grow your practice and fill your schedule using local SEO tactics and online advertising. Learn how Minty Dental Marketing drives new patient generation through data driven strategies.

New Patient Marketing
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Build Your Online Presence with Local SEO  

Marketing a new dental practice can be difficult without a strong online presence. Our tailored local SEO strategies help your practice appear in local search results and map listings when prospective patients search for a new dentist.

New Practice Marketing
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Build Brand Awareness Online with Digital Marketing

You have established a successful dental practice and built a strong relationship with your community. Building your brand in new locations using a digital marketing strategy tailored to group dental practices and DSO's can help you scale your growth.

Market Multiple Practices
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Digital Marketing Services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive digital marketing services for dentists including SEO, PPC, and website optimization. See how each tactic contributes to dental practice growth!

Marketing Strategies Made for Dentists

We are a digital marketing agency for dentists made up of a team of marketing professionals with years of experience helping dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, and other dental specialists grow their practices by providing specialized marketing services.

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Gain New Patients Organically with SEO 

We help patients find your practice organically using SEO strategies that highlight you and your website as a source of helpful content and solutions for their specific dental needs.

Marketing Solutions for Orthodontists

Looking to grow your orthodontic practice or fill your orthodontic schedule? We help with more than just general dentistry. Our specialized marketing strategies for orthodontists help start more cases and create more happy smiles!

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Maximize Your Productivity with Strategic Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is an efficient way to highlight you and your dental practice at the top of search results and generate more production through online advertising.

Our Approach to Dental Marketing

We understand that every practice is different and every dentist is unique. We take the time to  get to know you and your practice when we develop a customized marketing strategy for your practice.


Keyword Research

We start by investigating what your website ranks for and how this aligns with what prospective patients are searching for.


Strategic Planning

We complete a full website SEO audit to determine and prioritize what opportunities for improvement we can address.


Transparent Reporting

Once changes are implemented and content is added to your website, we track and report website traffic and keyword rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Minty Dental Marketing? If you have questions, we have answers! You can also reach out to our team for a free marketing consultation for more information.

How long does digital marketing take?

SEO can take several months to significantly improve search engine rankings and website traffic due to the slow process of crawling and indexing new website content and optimizations.

PPC is a much faster approach! You can expect to generate clicks within a few days. However, optimizing your campaign can take several months depending on factors like your budget and landing page quality.

What do I need to do to get started?

You will need a website, Google Search Console, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and a Google Business Profile. We can help you create and manage these accounts if you currently do not have these created. Additionally, a Google Ads account is needed for Google Ads management.  

What happens after I agree to a digital maketing plan?

After signing up for digital marketing services with Minty Dental Marketing, we will collaborate together to setup or gain access to your website, Google platforms, and our agency tools. Typically, setup is completed within 2-4 weeks depending on correspondence speed. After that, we will complete and post your marketing deliverables on a monthly basis pending any necessary approvals.

Should you choose to build a new website with Minty Dental Marketing (optional with every plan), this would add an additional 4-8 weeks to complete prior to onboarding.

Can I keep my website and data with Minty Dental Marketing?

Of course! We will happily work with websites built with Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, or Framer. That means you will not be required to build a new website when working with Minty Dental Marketing. Using your own Google platforms also means you keep your marketing data!

If you would like a new website, we are happy to build one for you for no additional charge when you sign up for one of our marketing plans. This also included free high-speed website hosting at no additional charge with an active marketing plan.

How long are your dental marketing contracts?

With Minty Dental Marketing, there are no contracts! Once you start one of our marketing plans you can pay for digital marketing services monthly or pay quarterly at a discounted rate. It's that easy!

Are there any setup fees with Minty Dental Marketing?

Yes, however, our setup fees can be waived by signing up for our quarterly plans! Each plan has a one-time initial account setup fee of $100 and an additional $100 Google ads setup if added to your marketing plan. We use these costs to setup your Google platforms, performance reporting dashboard, and client account hub.

Are there penalties for cancelling my marketing plan?

No, there are no penalties for cancelling your marketing plan. However, our services are charged on a recurring payment structure, and we do not provide pro-rated fees for early termination in our monthly or quarterly plans.

Can I add additional services to my marketing plan?

Of course! Pay-per-click advertising through Google Ads can be added to any plan for $500 a month. Additionally, additional content marketing and backlinking services can be added at any time for an additional monthly fee.

What dental marketing services do you offer?

Minty Dental Marketing is proud to offer a wide range of high quality digital marketing services personally tailored to grow your dental practice. These services include search engine optimization tactics such as content marketing, citation management, link building, and onsite optimizations for local SEO. Additionally, we provide online advertising through Google ad management and professional website design using Webflow.  

Why do dentists need digital marketing services?

Word of mouth referrals and print marketing can be great ways to grow a dental practice. However, many people turn to search engines to find a dental provider. Digital marketing is important for dentists as strategies like search engine optimization and digital advertising can put you at the top of search results when patients start their online search for a new dentist!

Do Google Ads work for dentists?

We receive this question frequently and the short answer is - yes! However, the most successful Google Ad campaigns are built upon successful SEO campaigns along with a competitive advertising budget. We require a minimum budget of $1,000 for our Google Ads management. While we do not require you to sign-up for an SEO plan to manage your Google ads account, we highly encourage you to consider this complimentary marketing approach to receive the best results!

Does Minty Dental Marketing provide social media services?

At this time, Minty Dental Marketing does not offer social media management or paid social advertising due to a lack of affordable branding services and practice photography that make social media marketing most successful. We believe that social media can be an excellent way to improve brand visibility and is best completed through personal connections and branded content.

Digital Marketing Plans

Take the guesswork out of building an effective marketing strategy with our convenient dental marketing plans. Enjoy transparent pricing and no restrictive contracts!



Start with the SEO essentials to launch your dental marketing strategy.

SEO Optimized Blog Content
Monthly Web Copy
Full Page Onsite Optimizations
Online Listing Management & Syndication
Add Google Ads Management for $500/month (optional)
Essential Website with Hosting & SSL Included (optional)
Get the Essentials



Rise above the competition with our premier dental marketing plan.

Everything from Growth+
Additional Link Building for Higher Website Authority
Reputation Management & Managed Review Responses
Complimentary Google Ads Management (min. $1,000 ad budget)(optional)
Premium Website with Hosting & SSL Included (optional)
Thrive with Minty



Launch your marketing strategy and save with a 3-month commitment.

SEO Optimized Blog Content
Monthly Web Copy
Full Page Onsite Optimizations
Online Listing Management & Syndication
Essential Website with Hosting & SSL Included (optional)
Get the Essentials



Save with a 3-month commitment and get $50/month off for additional locations on a Thrive plan.

Everything from Growth+
Additional Link Building for Higher Website Authority
Reputation Management & Managed Review Responses
Complimentary Google Ads Management (optional) (min. $1,000 ad spend)
Premium Website with Hosting & SSL Included (optional)
Thrive with Minty