Digital Marketing for Multiple Practices & Dental Service Organizations

Marketing additional locations can be challenging! Minty Dental Marketing's scalable marketing solutions take the anxiety out of new dental practice marketing.

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Marketing Services for Multiple Dental Offices

Minty Dental Marketing's strategic marketing tactics will help your dental practice locations thrive without sacrificing the growth of your existing practices. We employ scalable strategies for group practices and DSO's of any size. We work with each dental practice to identify the best strategy that will work most effectively in each unique location. Schedule a consultation today and see how Minty Dental Marketing can build your brand identity across multiple locations and start filling each office's schedules with high quality patient appointments.

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SEO for Multiple Dental Offices & Dental Service Organizations

SEO is an excellent way to generate new patients for new dental practices. As you open more locations, our team of dental marketing experts can optimize each location's local search presence by optimizing your website for "city" and "near me" related searches for dental services. By connecting each location to each other on your website, we can improve each practice's online visibility and keyword rankings while simultaneously improving your main brand's digital performance as well.

PPC for Multiple Dental Offices & Dental Service Organizations

At scale, group practices and DSO's can benefit from brand awareness through PPC advertising. As you open new locations, you can allocate budget to one main brand awareness campaign and set aside a smaller budget to geotarget each practice location. With more locations, the overall cost of online advertising management will also decrease and perform more efficiently. With our scalable PPC strategies, you can launch a successful advertising campaign whether you have 2 locations or 20!

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Websites for Multiple Dental Offices & Dental Service Organizations

Our dental practice websites are optimized for both solo practitioners and group practices. By building your website with Minty Dental marketing, we can maintain brand consistency across all location websites and pass along SEO performance from your existing practices to new ones in order to fill your new dental practices' schedules. Additionally, with our specialized local SEO tactics, we can help alleviate the difficulties of building up a new practice's schedule and help each location rank for "city" and "near me" related searches shortly after the practice opens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Minty Dental Marketing? If you have questions, we have answers! You can also reach out to our team for a free marketing consultation for more information.

Is it better to have one website for all of our locations or is it better to create a website for each location?

From an SEO perspective, the best approach is to have one website for your brand and add location pages as a part of your website navigation. These pages can double as geographic oriented landing pages so that local SEO searches like dentist near me or dentist in a specific city direct to the corresponding location page rather than the main brand page. This creates additional challenges though as you must invest more heavily into social media for brand awareness and in SEO to develop service-location pages on your website for each location.

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Who owns the website and content for my brand?

You do! Before, during, and after your partnership with Minty Dental Marketing; you will own all content and platforms needed for your marketing strategy. We only require partner access for these platforms and even our Minty Dental Marketing created websites will be transferred to you upon completion. This means that each practice will have access to that information or you can limit this under one parent account if this is more convenient.

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Is it better to hire a digital marketing agency for dental practices or hire an in-house marketing team?

Each option offers advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage for hiring a dental marketing agency is that you pay a flat rate for a set amount of digital marketing deliverables. Your costs are often under $5,000 a month per practice for an effective comprehensive marketing strategy that includes SEO and PPC services. However, you will need to hire an SEO specialist, PPC specialist, graphic designer, social media marketer, and web designer to have an effective marketing team that can execute a comparable marketing strategy. In order to hire a qualified professional at a competitive market rate, your costs will likely exceed $5,000 a month per professional. Altogether, your monthly costs may exceed $30,000 a month on labor alone. At scale, in-house marketing teams do not provide a sufficient return on investment until you exceed 10 or more locations.

The main disadvantage of marketing agency is time for implementation. Most digital marketing agencies operate on a monthly cadence where strategy is developed quarterly, content is created monthly, and revisions may overlap into the following month. It can feel slow moving compared to an in-house team. An in-house team usually plans marketing strategy at the same cadence, but they can deliver content within 1-2 weeks while revisions can be completed within 1-2 days. If speed is a priority, then the additional $25,000 a month investment may be worth the investment.

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How many locations can I bring on with Minty Dental Marketing?

At this time, you can bring on up to 50 locations with Minty Dental Marketing, but our capacity may change in the future! If you have more than 50 locations, please reach out to us and we may still be able to help you depending on which marketing plan you'd like to implement for each practice.

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