Dental Practice PPC Advertising

Work with a digital marketing agency that specializes in dental advertising strategies. Build your patient base and book more appointments with pay-per-click advertising!

How Does Online Advertising Generate More Appointments?

Developing your presence online takes persistence with ongoing SEO efforts to improve and maintain your search rankings. However, it is a long term strategy that does not always lead to new appointments. Pay per click advertising is a faster approach to appointment generation for dentists. When your advertisements appear at the top of search results, you pay for any clicks to your website. The advertising should be focused on booking appointments and consultations while your landing page encourages prospective patients to reach out to your practice. Compared to top of funnel content like blogs and service pages, online advertising is best for generating more appointments for your practice!

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Pay per Click Advertising for Dentists

Pay per Click advertising, or PPC, is different than other forms of advertising like billboards, television, and radio. With other types of advertising, you pay to appear for a certain period of time. With PPC, you only pay when your ads are clicked either on search engines or in certain social media platforms. With PPC, your success can be determined by the quality of your ads and whether you provide what searchers are looking for and convince them to book an appointment. Additionally, your limitations are set by your advertising budget. If each click costs $20 per click then a $200 budget will only get you 10 clicks. This can be a great thing if every person who clicks books an appointment, but this is rarely the case. Higher budgets lead to more opportunities to convert.

SEO and PPC: Pros and Cons

With an affordable SEO plan for your dental practice like one of Minty Dental Marketing's convenient marketing packages, you can generate several opportunities to appear in search results with high quality content. This content can be viewed once or one million times, but the only cost of SEO content is those needed to originally publish it and should you choose to do future optimizations. This is the main advantage of SEO over PPC. However, SEO takes months to generate high performing keyword rankings and high quality website traffic. While PPC can be significantly more expensive, the results of generating new patient appointments is also significantly faster!

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Fill Your Schedule with Dental PPC

With the right PPC management and the right PPC budget, you can generate many appointments solely through PPC strategies. If you want to fill your schedule quick and efficiently, then PPC for your dental practice might be best for you! Whether you are looking to gain more new patient appointments, get more orthodontic case starts, or start scaling your production by adding more dental implant and cosmetic dentistry appointments to your schedule--Minty Dental Marketing can help! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Minty Dental Marketing? If you have questions, we have answers! You can also reach out to our team for a free marketing consultation for more information.

Why should I work with a digital marketing agency that specializes in dental PPC and not a general digital marketing agency?

Working with a dental marketing agency means working with dental PPC experts that understand not only how to manage budgets and bids, but also understands the difference between a prophy and a PMV or SRP. You want to work with an agency who can target the right people for the right services. Digital marketing agencies that serve all industries won't understand that not everyone qualifies for a fully covered cleaning with insurance or that a D4341 or 4342 requires a D0180. We do thorough industry research along with keyword trend analysis to align marketing strategy with dental practice growth strategies.

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What makes Minty Dental Marketing's PPC strategies different from other dental PPC agencies?

The main differentiator between Minty Dental Marketing and other dental marketing agencies are cost and standards. We hold ourselves along with our clients to a higher standard which means we enforce a mandatory advertising budget of $1,000 or higher. Many dental marketing agencies will onboard clients with lower budgets in order to capture the recurring management fee even when budgets under $1,000 are known to fail. Additionally, we set a flat $500 management fee to encourage additional advertising budget in order to maximize your return on investment (ex. with a budget of $1,000 your total cost with management is $1,500 making management 1/3 of your cost. With a budget of $2,000 your total cost is $2,500 with management making management only 1/5 of your total cost).

At our highest tier plan, we take this even further by offering complimentary Google ads management solely to encourage our clients to add more advertising budget in order to be successful. At our highest tier, we do not want our management fee to deter ambitious practices from increasing their budget and likelihood for success.

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Should I use PPC or SEO to grow my dental practice?

Both strategies are great ways to grow your dental practice! Rather than viewing them as competing options, you can think of them as complimentary tactics that align with an effective growth strategy. Each have their pros and cons. SEO is less costly and requires less active management, but the downside is that SEO takes a long period of time with steady optimizations over time. PPC on the other hand is a faster approach to appointment generation, but it requires active management and education in advertising. Combining the two approaches allows you to appear consistently in search results and across multiple variations of keywords and phrases. Performance data from advertising can influence your SEO focus while organic website traffic can help you determine what areas of your website convert into appointments most efficiently. SEO is a better long term strategy if your goal is managing your marketing costs while PPC is the better short term strategy if you desperately need new appointments and costs are no concern. Combining both is the best strategy if your goal is to invest in growing your dental practice for the best return on investment.

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Can I run my own PPC campaign for my dental practice?

Yes! If you set your campaign to Performance Max, you can set up your account and leave it on auto-pilot. However, most dentists soon discover that they are not running ads efficiently. Maintaining a steady influx of patient appointments at an efficient cost per conversion takes ongoing optimizations and management. For many dentists, this time needed to successfully run a PPC campaign takes away from their patient appointment time and personal time with friends and family. Eventually it can make a dentist feel like they're trading their DDS or DMD for a job as a full time advertising specialist. If you feel overwhelmed by the time commitment, then working together with an agency is a much better alternative!

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