Dental PPC

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-per-click are paid advertisements on search engines and social media platforms wherein a business is charged a certain amount for every person that clicks on their ad. Search ads are often seen as the faster and more efficient way to gain more new patients in a shorter period of time than other strategies like SEO or Social Media Posting. However, the effectiveness of your campaign depends on multiple factors such as budget, competition, campaign type, and the average cost per click. 

PPC is also highly trackable and you can see exactly how many people clicked your ad and complete a conversion goal such as calling your practice or submitting an appointment request. You can calculate your average cost per conversion and determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Why is PPC Important for Dentists?

The greatest benefit that dentists see when implementing PPC campaigns is that these ads appear at the top of search results almost immediately. SEO performance can take up to 3 months to achieve first page ranking, but with proper budget and keyword targeting, you can appear in front of prospective patients who are looking for dental care. 

Additionally, PPC and SEO make a strong combination when coordinated together. The first page of search results are limited to a limited amount of site listings. If you are able to capture ad space, Map listings, and organic search listings then you can also move your competition out of the first page of search results. 

Similarly, social media advertising coupled with organic social media posting allows you to stay top of mind for both existing and potential patients.

The Minty Dental Marketing Approach to PPC

Minty Dental Marketing combines industry experience with carefully researched campaign strategies to create highly engaging ads that produce high quality patient leads. We achieve this through a combination of keyword research, ad copy refinement, bid adjustments, and competitor research. 

We aim to achieve a fine balance between quantity and quality while also keeping your cost per conversion in mind to ensure that your click spend generates positive ROI. Because of this, we require that all dentists that work with Minty Dental Marketing spend at least $1000 towards ad spend or more in larger and more competitive markets.

What is the Cost of Dental PPC?

So you understand the importance of dental PPC and its potential benefits for your practice. Now, the number one question on your mind is how much would this cost?

Minty Dental Marketing can provide high quality and affordable PPC services for your practice! Our dental PPC services are just $299 a month per advertising medium (Search and Social) with a $1000 minimum ad spend! This includes keyword research, campaign strategy, bid management, ad copy creation, and regular refinement to manage your average cost per conversion.

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to grow your practice, increase your new patient numbers, and maximize your schedule then contact Minty Dental Marketing and see how our dental PPC experts can help you achieve your goals!

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