Dental SEO

What is SEO?

Search engines have become the go to source of collecting information from the weather in your area to the price of those boots you’ve been eyeing all month! We use search engines to make informed decisions about where to go and who to trust. Over time, search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has gone from a marketing supplement to billboard and radio advertising to the core of all marketing strategies. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the continuous process of making website adjustments and content creation that will raise your rankings on search engines like Google. As more dentists recognized the importance of SEO, competition has only continued to increase over time. So how do you stand out from your competition online? 

Why is SEO Important for Dentists? 

When searching for products and services, search engines will serve a mix of paid advertisements, proximity based listings on a map, and organic search rankings that may be helpful in your search. Most people only scroll through the first page of search results, and even fewer go beyond what is found on the second page of search results. 

SEO increases your practice’s rankings on map results such as Google Maps or Apple Maps while also providing organic search results that can direct prospective patients to your website or specific pages on your website. 

A research driven approach to SEO strategy will ensure that your website appears in both Map and Search results when individuals look for commonly searched terms such as “dentist” and “dentist near me”. A well thought out SEO strategy will also ensure your website and additional website content appear in these coveted positions for other more specific keywords such as “dental emergency”, “dental implants”, or “nice dentist for dental phobia”. 

The Minty Dental Marketing Approach to SEO

Minty Dental Marketing combines industry research and specialized SEO strategies to ensure that you achieve and maintain first page search results that will grow your practice and fill your schedule with quality patient leads. 

We do this through careful traffic analysis, keyword research, technical SEO and on-page website optimizations, local listing management, reputation management, and the creation of quality website content and blog content written by real people–not robots! By producing high quality content your search rankings and engagement will increase as you establish your identity within your local community, drive online traffic to your website, and establish trust as a quality provider of exceptional dental care. 

What is the Cost of Dental SEO? 

So you understand the importance of dental SEO and its potential benefits for your practice. Now, the number one question on your mind is how much would this cost?

Minty Dental Marketing can provide high quality and affordable SEO services for your practice! Our dental SEO services start for as little as $149 a month! This includes content optimization if you are producing your own content, optimization of your Google Business Profile and other online listings, and reputation management to generate more positive reviews for your practice. If you are not currently producing content, we also offer content marketing services for as little as $149 per piece of content every month. 

So what are you waiting for? If you would like to grow your practice, increase your new patient numbers, and maximize your schedule then contact Minty Dental Marketing and see how our dental SEO experts can help you achieve your goals!

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