Local Listings & Citation Management for Dentists

Protect your dental practice's brand identity and ensure consistency across all online listings with citation management.

How Do Online Listings Help Local Search Visibility for Dental Practices?

Name, address, and phone number is also known as NAP in the SEO world. To optimize your dental practice for search engines, you need more than just an SEO optimized website. You need to ensure that there are several ways to find your dental practice from map searches, social media listings, and other online directories. Having incorrect business information not only loses credibility for your practice, but it can potentially hinder you from generating new patient appointments. Wrong phone numbers or wrong address information will frustrate prospective and existing patients. By consolidating and monitoring your online listings, you can ensure that your information is safe and accurate. Minty Dental Marketing can assist you in syndicating your practice information across many online directories and listings while keeping them up to date if any updates are necessary.

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Get Found Online with Local Listings

Some people love Google Maps. Some people love Apple Maps. Some people use Bing, Waze, Yahoo, or more! If you want to maximize your dental practice's visibility online, you will need to make sure your business can be found on multiple platforms. By adding your name, address, and phone number to local listings, you can be found more often when people look for dentists in their city or "dentist near me" searches. With SEO optimized listings, we can assist in boosting your keyword rankings for these local search terms with proper citation management.

Maintain Brand Consistency with Citation Management

Several online directories and business listings understand that not all business owners are tech savvy. Many business owners are also too busy to keep up with updating their business information. For that reason, many of these platforms allow users to suggest changes to listing information if there has been any changes that are causing inaccuracies. However, patients and customers may inadvertently cause harm by suggesting edits that suggest your practice is closed every Monday when really you were only closed for Labor Day! If you do not contest these changes, these platforms may accept these recommendations and create inaccurate listings. We take steps to ensure that these accidents do not happen so that your dental practice maintains brand consistency across the internet.

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Rank Higher with Directory Syndication

NAP consistency is a ranking factor for search engines. With your NAP information available on multiple platforms, you send signals to search engines from multiple locations thus boosting your backlink profile. Keeping this information accurate is crucial to ensuring that these signals remain intact. If you ever need to change your dental practice's location, phone number, or branding then directory syndication will ensure that your SEO rank factors for your NAP are minimally impacted. See how Minty Dental Marketing can manage your business listings with a free marketing consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Minty Dental Marketing? If you have questions, we have answers! You can also reach out to our team for a free marketing consultation for more information.

How many online listings are included in Minty Dental Marketing's citation management?

We begin by listing your practice on 20 major platforms like Google, Apple, Yelp, Bing, Waze, BBB, Yellowpages, and more. After that, we work on building up to 100 additional listings with a mix of niche websites such as Healthgrades, Zocdoc, Zoominfo, and more. As these directories are completed, you will be able to view all your listings at any time.

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Can I manage my own local listings?

Yes! However, creating and updating local citations is a time consuming endeavor. You would have to find the right directories to list your dental practice on and then create profiles on each using different login credentials to keep your listings secure. You would have to go through each site and repeat these steps again and again. One. At. A. Time.

If you are able to manually update and keep track of local listings and online citations, you can manage these yourself. Please be sure to keep all login details in a secure location and remember to check your listings periodically for accuracy. If any changes are necessary, you can use a spreadsheet to manually update listings as necessary.

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Should I use another local listing management platform?

Yes, you can use a one-time aggregator like Whitespark which can complete a one-time update for $399 or use a recurring service like Yext for $499 a year. However, our citation management service is included in the cost of every single one of our marketing plans. Additionally, we can update your listings at any time and keep brand consistency across all listings on a monthly recurring basis.

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How can I verify my listing information is accurate?

You will receive a list of the listings your dental practice has been added to and you can view this information at any time. If you need to make any changes, we can update all listings all at once within a single click. Part of our duty is to ensure that there are no errors or incorrect updates on a monthly recurring basis.

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