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We write website content for real people using keyword data from real world searches.

Will Content Marketing Help My Dental Practice?

Dental practices, like any business, will benefit from having a website with a purpose. Content marketing is not just adding as many keywords onto a page as possible in order to appear for the thousands of terms a person can use to look for a dentist. Content exists to provide information to those who seek it and solutions to those needing answers. Content marketing ensures that you and your practice appear in front of the right people at the right time when they need you most. When your website becomes a source of helpful content, search engines reward you by showing your content to more people. It is in the search engine's best interest to make sure that people use their platforms because they successfully find the answers they seek so content marketing is the core of all digital marketing campaigns.

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Helpful Website Content Made for Real Patients

When writing content for your website, you have to consider what real people will be searching for. It is extremely rare for someone to look for a dentist who can complete four quadrants of scaling and root planning. Patients will often search for keywords and phrases related to routine checks, pain, and cosmetics. We develop content that is actually helpful and understandable for prospective and existing patients. We create website content that establishes trust and credibility so you can turn prospective patients into patients for life!

Become a Subject Matter Expert with Optimized Blogs

Many dentists wonder if writing blogs is really beneficial to their practice. While writing blogs about how teeth grinding can wear away the surface of your teeth won't exactly make your website go viral, these topics are helpful when someone is concerned about their teeth grinding! By writing informative content that provides solutions, your blogs could garner the attention of other bloggers and websites that can link back to your content. Helpful content you produce can establish you as an expert in these topics online among the thousands of dentists who write generic content online. Stand out from the crow with Minty Dental Marketing!

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Gaining a deep understanding the problems that customers face is how you build products that provide value and grow. It all starts with a conversation. You have to let go of your assumptions so you can listen with an open mind and understand what’s actually important to them. That way you can build something that makes their life better. Something they actually want to Headway

Dental Content Designed to Rank

Helpful content is great for establishing trust and credibility for your community and the internet at large. However, when competitors write helpful content of their own, how can a dentist stand out online? By ensuring that your website content is structured properly using keyword optimization based on meticulous research, you can boost your content in search rankings! Minty Dental Marketing provides high quality content for your practice that is written for real patients and designed to rank!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Minty Dental Marketing? If you have questions, we have answers! You can also reach out to our team for a free marketing consultation for more information.

What is the difference between a dental service page and a dental blog page for SEO?

A dental service page, also known as web copy, is made to provide information about the services you provide. Most of the SEO optimization involved with web copy will focus on frequently asked questions regarding the service in order to rank the content for searches potential patients search for when looking for a dentist to provide the service they're looking for.

Blog copy is meant to generate search impressions and website traffic. The topics can be related to frequently asked questions about dental topics or products along with how to guides and lifestyle guidance. These are meant to be education, entertaining, or shareable. They are less focused on generating new appointments, but instead will build your credibility as a topic expert.

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Why use Minty Dental Marketing's human generated content instead of AI generated content?

AI is great for seeking quick answers to queries or to learn about topics from a strictly factual point of view. Content written by SEO specialists like the writing team at Minty Dental Marketing focuses on providing helpful content for real people. We use your brand voice to help content flow in a conversational and organic tone that improves readability. Additionally, with the influx of AI generated content online, strictly factual information has depreciated in search rankings. As SEO has evolved, human generated or moderated content is valued by search engines than a copy and paste approach to content.

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Why use Minty Dental Marketing's content instead of freelancer written content?

Freelancers can be an affordable option for dental practices that look for non-native English speaking writers. However, fluent English speakers who are experienced in writing content for dentists know their worth and charge rates comparable or higher than digital marketing agencies. Additionally, freelancers may decide to stop freelancing at any time. They may not be great at corresponding with their clients and ultimately it is a gamble when you decide to hire a freelancer on whether they will be a great business partner or a nightmare. With Minty Dental Marketing, you can trust that your marketing content is completed by a dedicated writer experienced in dental content marketing. We live and breath dental marketing and are dedicated to your success for as long as you trust our partnership.

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Why use Minty Dental Marketing's content instead of content from a general marketing agency?

A common complaint from dental practices who have worked with non-dental marketing agencies is that general agencies tend to focus on completely worthless content topics which put you up against Crest and Colgate rather than your competitor down the street. They often draft blog topics like 'Common DIY Teeth Whitening Myths' rather than a topic such as 'Braces vs Clear Aligners: The Best Option for Student Athletes" which can drive consults for your practice and keyword rankings for orthodontics, braces, and clear aligners. We understand the practice of your dental practice and tailor our content strategy based on our experience in dental practice operations.

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